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Western Area Darts Association (WADA) was formed on 22 March 1989.

We were initially formed to provide a darting association for the people of the Western suburbs and in particular the Port Adelaide Region.

The Association is a mixed competition for both male and female dart players. It originally had  300 registered members with the majority of its members residing within our association boundaries. The Association ran competitions both Monday and Wednesday nights. Our competition night is now on Wednesdays with our satellite league on alternating Friday nights. 


                                       OUR PLAYING FORMAT

  • a team consists of a minimum of 6 players - can have more, who either can take in turns or fill in due to sickness/work/holidays etc

  • 3 x doubles - number 1 & 2 players play the opposing team's number 1 & 2

  • 6 x singles - 1 plays 1, 2 plays 2, etc

  • 6 reverse singles - number 1 player plays opposing team's number 2, number 2 plays opposing team's number 1, then 3 v 4, 4 v 3, 5 v 6, 6 v 5

  • Matches are decided on the best of 15 gamesDivision 1 play using a 21 game format.

  • If you have enough for a team, do you have a venue in mind that you want to play out of? If not, we have venues in the Association that could cater for additional teams.

In 2022 WADA had a change of logo, thanks to Paul Meehan, one of our sponsors.  Our new logo is now seen on all trophies, medals and premiership shields with the new look. These are made and donated by Charlie Caruana, Life Member and Sponsor


President - Peter Russo - 0412 513 738
Secretary - Adrian Bickle
Match Secretary - Kevin McMahon - 0438 084 850

Treasurer - Maureen Russo

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